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A roller-shaped bumper for a cot helps to ensure the safety and comfortable sleep of children.


The bumper size is 200cm. 


Can be used as a bumper or tummy playtime...


It protects against hitting the rungs and insulates against the cold of the wall.

It is suitable for use by children of all ages and adults.


The protector is soft and flexible, and the material and filling do not lose their properties despite repeated washing.


The filling is an anti-allergic silicone ball.


  • It protects the child from hitting the cot rungs
  • It insulates against the cold of the wall
  • Length: 200 cm
  • Soft and flexible
  • Cover: 100% velvet
  • Filling: anti-allergic silicone balls

Crib roller bumper Velvet – Emerald 200cm

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