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For cot bed size 70x140cm


100 % Cotton fabric



1 x Bumper all round 420x30 cm

1 x Pillow 40x60 cm

1 x Pillowcase 40x60 cm

1 x Duvet cover 100x135 cm

1 x Duvet 100x135 cm

1 x Canopy Drape / Mosquito

1 x Canopy holder

1 x Canopy decoration



Filled with polyester nonwoven fabric. With additional stitching, it is properly padded to stay in place. Fixing to the cot in the few points, so that it perfectly adheres to the crib



Our Baby Bed Products bedding will hug your baby from the first days of life and make her feel comfortable and safe. The soft material will provide comfort. The child will be cosy and comfortable.

8pc set for cot size 70x140cm

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