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5-piece set includes:


Minky & Cotton material.

double-sided baby nest, measuring on the outside 55 x 100 cm, a sleeping area measuring 30 x 70 cm, with nest’s brim 14 cm

double-sided “butterfly” pillow, measuring 25 x 30 cm

double-sided pillow 25 x 30 cm

double-sided blanket 50 x 75 cm

double-sided mattress 30 x 70 cm


Made from soft materials, cuddles your baby and makes it feel warm and comfortable.

Non-allergenic, 100% cotton, double-sided – only the best for your baby.

Non-allergenic filling – mattress, cuddly nest, pillow, and blanket are filled with 100% anti-allergenic silicone fleece

Wash product before you use!

5pc Velvet Cocoon Nest

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